I wanted to share some of the “Tags” I have made recently.  There are so many inspirations and tutorials out there for making tags, you know the #8 size?  Blogs I visit and learn like Graphic 45, Prima, and good ole Tim Holtz gives the viewer tutorials and techniques and the “tag” is the perfect little testing place.  I have learned so much and I can apply my techniques to other mediums like cards, altered items and scrapbooking mini albums. So here are a few of my tags, see what you think.

2014-05-11 13.26.41 2014-06-04 00.24.52 2014-06-04 00.24.52 2014-06-04 00.26.31 2014-06-04 00.26.42 2014-06-04 00.26.50 2014-06-07 19.36.37 2014-06-07 19.36.05 2014-06-07 19.36.23 2014-06-08 09.05.32 2014-06-08 09.06.55 2014-06-19 09.42.25 2014-06-19 09.51.38 03.22.2014_19.47.56 04.08.2014_11.42.05 04.12.2014_12.45.51 04.12.2014_13.26.53 04.12.2014_13.27.09 04.12.2014_13.33.26 04.12.2014_13.33.41 04.12.2014_13.33.52 04.23.2014_11.35.42 05.03.2014_15.40.42


Can you see all the different inspirations here, so I think it hard to determine my “style” It kinda looks all over the place.  I think I’m still at the stage of trying to find it.  I love learning new things and can”t wait to try it.  Well that’s all for now, hopefully I’ll get the majority of my projects posted here so I can get to some good stuff and add tutorials and projects we all can try. Well folk as they say “TTFN” (ta ta for now)

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