Whats Going On?


Hello there, whats going on?  With me a whole lot of different things happening. I’ve been dipping my brush into all kinds of different mediams and thought I would give it a share.  Hope you enjoy, please leave any comments or suggestions, you all know I’m still kinda new at this “blog” thing. lol  Take a look…

This is some mixed media art journaling I’ve been playing with, so cute

2014-11-05 08.29.152014-11-05 08.30.592014-11-05 08.31.05

and more art journaling

Blue Eyes…


As I was wandering around our internet highway I came across a blog spot called “Scrap Africa” It’s a place where creative people can post their creative talent.  I copied this statement from their website when wondering why they were posting a challenge to all people around the world when the website was called Scrap Africa, ” Simply because we want to showcase and celebrate the creative talent that we have in our beautiful land. At the same time we want to share it with the rest of the world and be inspired by others. While our main focus is on scrapbooking in Southern Africa we hope that our challenges will attract scrappers from different parts of the world”

After reading this and seeing that they had posted a challenge this month with a “vintage” theme I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I have a beautiful picture of my grandfather, who passed away when I was a baby.  His eyes in this picture, although black and white, must have been the most beautiful blue, they seem to shine through the image. I somehow wanted to showcase this image on a vintage canvas.  So here are a few pictures and my entry for the Vintage Canvas for Scrap Africa I created in his honor.  I hope you like it and feel inspired.

2014-09-22 23.56.12        2014-09-23 00.13.40

2014-09-23 00.15.37         2014-09-23 00.16.20

The Mini…


I recently ran across a You Tube Video on cutting up a file folder and making a mini album with all the little tabs.  They were so easy to cut out and make, literally 5 minutes, I couldn’t wait to keep going.  I was quickly done with the “set up” and could go straight to my paper stash to create a darling little album or card.  I used the Forever Green 6×6 paper pad and the Lady Bird 6×6 paper pad, some beautiful flowers and resin pieces all from Prima.  They really turned out pretty so I sent a picture to Live with Prima via private message to get their thoughts on my creation, and guess what?  Sharon from Prima said “it is gorgeous!!!” please share it on our wall as well.  Can you imagine that, coming from them it was a HUGE compliment to my work.  So I did, and it received a generous warm welcome with lots of “likes” and “comments”  Its really wonderful to get the objective opinion of a respected entity to validate one’s craft. Basically, it feels real good.  So here are some photo’s of my little mini’s.  Hope you like them to.

These are using the Forever Green Paper, Resin Cherub and Frame made by Prima. Other embellishments from my stash.

2014-09-17 23.48.37                              2014-09-17 23.48.28

2014-09-17 23.46.15

2014-09-17 23.47.43   2014-09-17 23.47.30

These are made with the Lady Bird Paper Stack and Prima Flowers, other embellishments from my stash.

2014-09-18 20.09.00          2014-09-18 20.09.17

2014-09-18 20.11.43        2014-09-18 20.12.01

2014-09-18 20.10.42           2014-09-18 20.10.54

2014-09-18 20.11.09        2014-09-18 20.10.16

Hope you like it to, please leave any suggestions or idea’s you may have for this blog site, as I’m still trying to make it cute and interesting.  Have a great day 🙂

My Creative Journey…what a ride!


Please excuse me while I’m trying to figure this blog thing out, the pages and layouts are just not coming out like I think they should, but I’ll keep plugging along until I figure it out.

In the meantime I would like to share some of the things I’ve been working on…

2014-09-02 09.49.54                   2014-08-30 10.43.20-1

These are a couple of art journaling pages I was playing around with, I have a long way to go but I have a lot of inspiration out there to help me learn.   Finnibair just released her Pastes and Gel Product line through Prima called “art Extravagance and art Basics” I’m just having a blast learning these techniques and there are quite a bit of Facebook pics and video’s as well as Prima’s U-Stream classes to help us all along.


I love making ATC Cards, it really helps get my mojo moving, here is a set I made with some collage pieces from Hidden Vintage Studios at DevianScrap.com. I call it “A Child’s Eye”

2014-08-25 13.01.55   2014-08-25 13.05.08   2014-08-25 13.04.11-1

2014-08-25 13.03.49-1   2014-08-25 13.03.20   2014-08-25 13.02.41


Well I hope you enjoyed this little share, please feel free to comment, any help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you all and hope you have an absolutely fantastically creative day!!




Altered Paintbrush


I entered a swap for an “altered paintbrush” and as I began my journey of inspiration I remembered  some tiny bits that I had found on a website DevianArt. I had originally purchased the download for making ATC cards and they were so cute, so I thought I would go a bit bigger and create the paintbrush.  I had so much fun making her I could not part with her and send her on her way to my swap partner, so…I had to keep her, but of course made another with different  media for my original swap.  I want to share her with you today and hope you like her as much as I do

.2014-07-09 20.08.31 2014-07-09 20.08.08 2014-07-09 16.34.54 2014-07-16 08.57.18 2014-07-16 08.57.01 2014-07-16 08.57.49 2014-07-09 16.37.03 2014-07-09 14.51.48 2014-07-09 14.54.15 2014-07-09 14.54.24

My First Try at Mixed Media…a canvas

My First Try at Mixed Media…a canvas


A few weeks ago I stumbled across an artist under the name of Finnabair. I believe her name is Anna, and she is from Poland. I was so inspired by her expression with mixed media I just had to give it a try. So try I did, and here are some photos of my start to finish. (I think I’m finished, every time I look at it I want to add something more) I’m not quite sure why it scared me to start, maybe it was this 12 x 12 canvas staring back at me needing some creative attention. So here you go, I really had fun with this one and I cannot wait to do another, maybe not as big though. Anyway I hope you like it, I do.

I actually made a “tag” first using some of her technique’s that I learned from watching a Prima tutorial with Anna  on a live web cast. Since that webcast all I could think about was “mixed media” so I made the tag and posted it on Finnabair Facebook Page and you know what? She actually “liked” it.  I guess that was enough of a push to go ahead and try a canvas.  

I have a friend that I met in a Facebook Group called the Craft Hole, her name is Claire and she lives in the UK.  She is very talented as well and her work with mixed media is awesome.  She has been trying to get me to try it and although she hasn’t seen my work yet, I think she will be pleased.  You can see her work on her website CK Creations.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere…


2014-06-19 16.32.09

Well here I go, jumping into the world of blogging.  I am publishing this site to post some of my favorite thing in crafting, nothing in particular like photography, pottery, sewing, painting, scrap booking, just a little of this and a little of that, or maybe all of it.  So I will be constructing this site and would love for you to join me.

I love creating and being creative in all things that I do and thought I could have a place to display my wares, not to sell just to admire and grow.  At first I think I will be posting different thing I have made and see where it goes from there.  I would like to add some tutorials and maybe video.  Any suggestions are well appreciated.  Lets see where this journey takes me.