Altered Paintbrush


I entered a swap for an “altered paintbrush” and as I began my journey of inspiration I remembered  some tiny bits that I had found on a website DevianArt. I had originally purchased the download for making ATC cards and they were so cute, so I thought I would go a bit bigger and create the paintbrush.  I had so much fun making her I could not part with her and send her on her way to my swap partner, so…I had to keep her, but of course made another with different  media for my original swap.  I want to share her with you today and hope you like her as much as I do

.2014-07-09 20.08.31 2014-07-09 20.08.08 2014-07-09 16.34.54 2014-07-16 08.57.18 2014-07-16 08.57.01 2014-07-16 08.57.49 2014-07-09 16.37.03 2014-07-09 14.51.48 2014-07-09 14.54.15 2014-07-09 14.54.24

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